Wear the Watch for the Right Occasion


With so many watches to choose from in your watch collection, sometimes it can be difficult to decide which watch to wear the occasion at hand. There are so many types of time pieces with a wide range of styles to choose from. This provides a new challenge when dressing to impress.

How do you know which watch suits the occasion?

First and foremost, there is no concrete rules or regulations on how to decide which watch best suits your attire, not to mention suits the event or occasion at hand. In the past, there was a much clearer view and standard that people were expected to follow. In today’s climate of fashion and style, those rules were thrown by the wayside. What truly matters most is what makes you feel good and expressing your style as opposed to following the outdated standards that people of years past would adhere to. Even with this freedom available to you, there are a few ideals to consider.

Practical or Not?

It’s important to consider, while your favorite time piece might be that sports watch due to it’s comfort and utility, it may not be suitable for the formal event you plan on attending. In contrast, that bracelet watch that looks stunning in your new 3-piece suit, might not be the right choice when going camping or running that marathon. Wear the watch that is suited for it’s use.

Plan on wearing other accessories?

Creating a uniform look is often underappreciated but will not go unnoticed. Plan on wearing jewelry to that banquet dinner? It’s important to consider those fine details and wear the watch that is best suited with other accessories. For example, match your rose gold jewelry with a rose gold watch. It will create a theme to your attire and sharpen your fashion sense! Not to mention, some of those watches could be considered a lovely jewelry piece in it’s own right.

The occasion

There are times when you’ll want to wear a highly valuable time piece for a special occasion. Some watches can carry a high price tag or simply be a sentimental piece, handed down from many generations. For instance, it wouldn’t make much sense to wear your most valuable watch to travel with. There are more chances for it to be misplaced, lost, or stolen. There are other variables to consider as well. Making others feel good can be a consideration as well. For example, an associate of yours is falling on hard times and had to liquidate their beloved watch collection. Be kind to them and choose to wear that stainless Rolex as opposed to your highly valued Greubel Forsey. It will make them feel good too.


Your choice of watch is entirely up to you. Whatever completes your ensemble and delivers your ego with confidence, is exactly what you should wear. If your style is unconventional, then you are making your statement and will be sure to draw some dialogue from others. If you value luxury more, then that will be the conversation. Choosing the right watch for the occasion is a personal decision based on what makes you feel comfortable and whatever it may be, let it (metaphorically) put you on top of that mountain or style and bring out the best look that suits you and allows you to tell others what you represent, no matter what the occasion may be.