A. Lange & Söhne: Born Again

A Brief History

A. Lange & Söhne is a highly regarded German manufacturer of luxury watches. The company was originally founded in 1845, by Ferdinand Adolph Lange, in the town of Glashütte, Saxony, Germany, under the name Lange. In 1868, Ferdinand’s son Richard joined the business and changed its name to A. Lange & Söhne. The early stages of the company produced some of the finest pocket watches, giving the company’s best products a “1A” designation. 

Continuing with their tradition, Lange continued to produce high-quality pocket watches as well as, like many German watchmakers, over-sized wristwatches for German airmen in World War II. 

In 1948, the postwar Soviet administration nationalized the company’s property, rendering the brand and company dead and non-existent.

A. Lange & Söhne 1815 in Rose Gold

Fast forward to 1990, after the German reunification, Walter Lange revived the company and again began to operate in the original town of Glashütte. In 1994, the first range of wristwatches from the newly revived A. Lange & Söhne were presented to the public. 

Today, Lange watches are some of the finest time pieces available. They are developed, produced, and assembled in-house as they were prior to their closing in 1948. Lange’s movement, design, and decoration are distinctively congruent with that of the city of Glashütte. Lange watches are highly regarded by collectors and watch makers alike.