Watch Collector | Mister B & His Breitling Avenger Chronograph

Hi Konstantin, Please give the readers a brief introduction of yourself. (Where you are from, hobbies, job, etc)

Hi guys, I am from Germany, turning 40 this year and am into watches since 2008.I work as Director Industrial Engineering for a first tier automotive supplier, in my free time I run a small YouTube Channel and am into videography and photography.

I Really enjoy watches, talking watches and working on my current collection. It’s a very interesting hobby and I have, thanks to that, friends worldwide which share the same passion.

Collector Konstantin

What got you into watch collecting?

 I got into watches by a friend of my dad. He wears a 5512 which he received in the 70´s from his wife. The watch still is going strong by the way. But also my dad used to do window shopping when ever we were in a bigger city. He never pulled the trigger though as he more or less put all the money into his kids.When I started in my first job as program manager I bought my first automatic watch, a Marcello C Tridente. That got me hooked and got me really into the hobby. Becoming member in a Rolex forum as well as in a regular watch forum didn’t help either lol…

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Do you have a collecting strategy or do you just buy what you like?

In the beginning I considered myself as a pure Rolex collector. This was back in 2010-2015, the golden ages, considering the current prices. But I figured out soon that this didn’t work for me as I do like a bit of variety. Right now I do collect according the one brand one watch strategy which works for me just fine. I also try to tick boxes / movements, which is not a must. First of all I really must be into a watch.

What is your current favorite in the collection?

The favourite watch in my collection is the Breitling Avenger Chronograph in 43mm with the blue dial. It’s the Avenger 2 so full polished case and bracelet. To me it is THE BREITLING

What made this watch stand out to you?

This watch marks a big change in my live, I bought it when I went back to Germany after living 6,5 years abroad. It’s sort of “my” watch, cannot explain why this is but I enjoy it quite a lot and it gets the most wrist time.

Is there another watch in your collection that would pair perfectly with this?

Yeah, my Rolex gmt master 116713LB. It’s the first “luxury watch” I did purchase. It does also mark a big milestone in my live: i bought it when i turned 30, this was also the time when I started as an expat in China, where I did live for about 4 years. 

What is next for your collection? Anything in mind?

Well, a few, i guess. I do like a lot Hublot and do consider getting one, on the other hand I might like to go back to GS. I did own an SBGX259, which was a tad to elegant for me, so i sold it. But I am still not done with GS and would like to add maybe the Birch or a Spring drive model. Well, we will see.

Where can people follow your journey?

I do have my YouTube Channel MISTER B but you can find me also on Instagram via b_mister_b

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