Watch Collector | Ville & His Grand Seiko SBGA285

 Hi Ville, please give the readers a brief introduction of yourself.

– Hi! I’m 35 years young watch enthusiast from Finland. I’m currently working in facility maintenance and i’m also a project safety and security coordinator. In my free time i train powerlifting and photograph watches, nature etc. Just a basic dude who enjoys watches and whiskeys of all sorts.

Collector – Ville

What got you into watch collecting?

– I remember my dad always wearing a watch, and of course I had to have one as soon as I had enough wrist to wear one. I remember that it was an ani-digi Casio of some sort, one of those rectangular ones. Since then I had a watch almost all the time, some quartz pieces like Casio, police or diesel, whatever looked cool. About 4 years ago i got my first automatic from Seiko, after some heavy peer pressure from a fellow enthusiast at work. After that things have escalated quickly 😅

Image by – @time_is_equal

Do you have a collecting strategy, or do you just buy what you like?

– My strategy has changed from where I started. At first I got whatever i felt was cool. As my knowledge about watches has grown, I really have started to appreciate different things. Movements, heritage and finishing more than when I started. There’s always a grail in the back of my head, and I’m trying to keep a curated collection of well thought pieces. I also avoid hopping on the hype-trains and look for the pieces that really speak to me. Also “use it or lose it”, is something i try to maintain. Watches belong on wrist, not in a box.

Image by – @time_is_equal

What is your current favorite in the collection?

– this is always hard! Like asking to name favorite child 🤣 there’s an SKX, that was my first keeper, and it’ll never leave my collection.

Image by – @time_is_equal

 Maybe my Grand Seiko sbga285 holds the crown for now. It is a pinnacle of my collecting so far. It’s a work of art in every aspect.

Image by – @time_is_equal

What made the SBGA285 stand out to you?

– When I got over my swiss only phase, I started to appreciate the craftmanship of Grand Seiko. This is one cool “sleeper” watch. Clean dark grey dial, superb finishing, and man, that spring drive movement. That was definitely a big pro in my book. This one can be easily dressed up or down, a great allrounder.

Image by – @time_is_equal

Is there another watch in your collection that would pair perfectly with this?

– maybe my Marine Master Tuna, haha! Gs is a sleek dressier sports watch, tuna is a purpose built, bomb proof diver. Something from the both ends of the spectrum. How does that sound? 😁

Image by – @time_is_equal

Is there a watch you would like to the collection?

– there’s few of course… a 214270 explorer would be the end game, or that’s how i feel at the moment. Also, a Zenith defy classic would be awesome! From divers, a grand Seiko SBGA231 would be the ultimate diver. From more easily obtainable maybe doxa Diving Star or Hamilton Khaki field mechanical. Like i said, there’s few 😅

Image by – @time_is_equal

Where can people follow you?

– I have an instagram account, you can find me @time_is_equal. Also if you can understand finnish, me and my buddy are starting a watch podcast and the IG is @kellopelipodkasti.

Image by – @time_is_equal

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